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Pop Art

Mark Zwirner is a modern pop artist whose hyperrealistic paintings capture the essence of contemporary culture. His work explores the influence of social media on our society, the changing nature of fame and celebrity, and the role of consumer culture in our lives.



Latest Exhibition


April 13-16 - Paris, France

Urban Art Fair

In the heart of the capital, the City Hall of the 3rd arrondissement and the Paris City Hall have revived Le Carreau du Temple, emblematic place of Le Haut-Marais.

The former fully restored covered market is now transformed into a large and elegant establishment whose ambition is to offer Parisians a multidisciplinary program open to artists and emerging creators in the field of arts, fashion and design.

Anchored in a historic building with multiple changes since the twelfth century,
from Templars to fabric merchants, Le Carreau du Temple hosts projects in partnership with Parisian and national institutional structures and artistic residencies.


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